Did you know Florida ranks 46th in the nation when it comes to saving shelter cats and dogs?  Do you imagine a day where our state serves as a positive example for lifesaving across the country?

You can help make that dream a reality by joining the Florida Leaders in Lifesaving today!

We imagine a day when Florida serves as a successful example of lifesaving as a state where communities collaborate to increase positive outcomes and provide resources for pets and the people who love them. 

We unite our shelters and clinics in a statewide mission to save the lives of dogs and cats in shelters, inspire collaborative action, and engage the hearts, hands, and minds of our communities so Florida serves as a national leader in lifesaving.

Help at Home: We help the animals in Florida before importing animals from out of state.

Active Service: We act and facilitate change in ways consistent with our strategy.

Give and Receive: We support the collective good of our state’s shelters and should offer others assistance where we have abundance.

Inclusive and Positive: We welcome any brick-and-mortar shelter or clinic organization that is a positive agent for increasing lifesaving, regardless of prior or current performance.

Progress Not Perfection: We mentor struggling organizations and provide continuous support, acknowledging that even the smallest step towards progress is preferred to no progress at all.

  • Improve Florida’s national lifesaving rank (currently 46th/50).
  • Unite every animal welfare organization in the state.
  • Leverage our collective resources to fill lifesaving gaps.
  • Serve as a model for state-level collaboration.
  • Develop strategies using data that will have the greatest sustainable impact on lifesaving.
  • Build models for sheltering programs that can be scaled, modified and applied at different organizations to streamline lifesaving efforts.
  • Connect members with one another to strengthen skills, relationships, and resources.
  • Share information with communities about the need and availability of resources for pet care through media and business partnerships.

Are you ready to get involved?

Florida Leaders in Lifesaving membership is open to all brick-and-mortar shelters and clinics in the state and is 100% free of charge.

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